Project Outputs


D 1.1 Catalogue of identified sources of original satellite
observations of wave processes
0,3 MB PDF-Document
D 1.2 Catalogue of existing computational procedures for wave
recognition and extraction
30,6 MB PDF-Document
D 1.3 Report on preliminary output of problem-oriented data
10,7 MB PDF-Document
D 1.3 Appendices of D 1.3 2,2 MB TAR-Archive
D 1.4 Report on data mining tools 0,4 MB PDF-Document
D 1.4 Appendices of D 1.4 2,1 MB ZIP-Archive
D 2.4 Data processing of previously selected data 0,5 MB PDF-Document
D 3.4 Ionosphere Metadata Description 0,2 MB PDF-Document
D 3.5 Ionosphere Waves Service - Software 184 MB ZIP-Archive